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Ghost Whisperer's Aisha Tyler Gives ‘Em Something to Talk About

Aisha Tyler’s gone from her breakout gig as the host of E!’s “Talk Soup” to a different kind of chatting--make that whispering, now that she’s starring in CBS’s supernatural fall hit Ghost Whisperer as spirit talker Jennifer Love Hewitt’s best friend and business partner. And in an exclusive sit-down with Hollywood.com, the actress tells about the good times both on the set and especially off, where--with apologies to Bonnie Raitt--she and Love gave a karaoke crowd something to talk about.

How excited are you about what’s been going on with “Ghost Whisperer”?—It’s only October and you’ve already got the full-season pick-up!
Tyler: “[laughs] It’s great – it’s really exciting. I think everybody at the show was really excited that the show won that first weekend, and then the second weekend and we’re confident now that the show is winning its timeslot every week. And now we can just relax and focus on the show. It’s really fun for everyone there.”

What’s been the best part of the show’s breakout success this year?
“What’s great about the show is that people are responding to it so well so early, the show just gets better every week and it’s only going to get better. At first you’re just trying to get established, and now we have the confidence to do some more challenging storylines, scarier storylines. And also some more paranormal stories that I think people are going to love.  It’s a blast. Just have so much fun on that show--it’s so fun to go to work every day. We keep waiting for something awful to happen. ‘It’s going too well,’ so we keep waiting for something to catch on fire.”

You’ve always been something of a secret weapon other shows pull out--Friends Nip/Tuck, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and 24. What’s it like to have your own show now? To have a regular gig to show up for every day?
Tyler: “[Laughs] It’s nice. I’ve always been the crazy guest star that comes in. It’s nice to be on your own show and it’s nice to play the same character, because you really get to spend some time developing the character and figuring out who she is. But I think in the end it’s nice because it feels more like a family to me--and I’ve been really lucky to be on shows where the casts were amazing, really easy to work with, really fun, really sweet, but now it really does feel like family. We’re so close on the show, and Jennifer and David (Conrad) are just amazing. And of course now we’re able to relax. During the first couple of weeks we were like ‘Oh no, are we going to stay on the air?’ And now we can breathe a sigh of relief and now we’re all planning to put racing stripes on all our golf carts, and we’re all going to get bicycles with little tassels on the handles.”

Have you and Jennifer Love Hewitt done much girly bonding off the set?
Tyler: “We spend waaaay too much time together. We get together all the time. The very first night that the show aired and the next morning we knew that we had a huge hit, we went out that night and a bunch of from the show had a huge steak dinner and sang karaok--and got DVDs of it. We watched them the next day and we were CRYING.”

What’s your song?
Tyler: “The song we did together was ‘Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About,’ and then I did a Marvin Gaye song—very over the top. I had to remove the DVD immediately because I was afraid it was going to get duplicated and sold over the Internet. But our tradition now is to go out and do really goofy, bad, girly karaoke once a month and then watch it Monday morning and laugh at ourselves.”

What else has been going on in your life lately?
Tyler: “I’ve been working like crazy, so I haven’t had much time to do anything besides the karaoke badness. God, what have I been doing? It’s awful to think like that. I’ve been working on a screenplay. I can’t talk about that too much, but we’re hoping it’s going to go right after we wrap the show in the spring, so that’s been taking up all my free time. Honestly, it sounds so lazy, but if I’m not working on the show or writing, I’m sleeping!”

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