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Jason Bateman
Production on Arrested Development has been temporarily halted while star Jason Bateman recovers from throat surgery...
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Kristin Cavalieri
Laguna Beachs sexy siren Kristin Cavalieri, the bitchy blonde beauty TV viewers love to hate, gets personal with ..

Aisha Tyler
Ghost Whisperer's Aisha Tyler dishes on the show and co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt...

We recap each episode. This week: Apparently, not all the Tailies are heartless brutes!

A few months after she faced erroneous international reports that she was coming out as a lesbian, Desperate Housewives actress Marcia Cross attended a closing night panel of the Los Angeles...
Wentworth Miller
Getting yourself sent to the penitentiary to spring your condemned brother may seem a bit extreme, but not altogether crazy if you're a structural engineer and have the prison's blueprints tatt
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