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Aniston Trespasser Gets a Year in Jail

By WENN | Wednesday, November 02, 2005

HOLLYWOOD - A homeless man who invited himself into Jennifer Aniston's home in August has been slapped with a restraining order and sent to jail for a year, after pleading guilty to burglary charges.

After cutting the plea deal, David Hesterbey, 49, is required to stay at least 1,000 yards from the former Friends star and her Malibu home for 10 years.

On Aug. 25, homeless Hesterbey allegedly took a $250 cab ride from Santa Barbara, California to Malibu, bailed before paying for the trip, vaulted a fence and entered Aniston's house.

Aniston, 36, was not home at the time as she was filming her upcoming movie The Break Up in Chicago with Vince Vaughn.

At the hearing yesterday, which Aniston didn't attend, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Karen J. Nudell ordered that Hesterbey receive psychological counseling while in custody.

Hesterbey's attorney, Excel A. Sharrieff, insists his client is neither crazy nor a burglar, explaining, "He was simply trying to visit Jennifer Aniston because he's an aspiring actor. He was not looking to steal anything, he just went in through an open door. We're not saying what he did was right. But it wasn't stalking."

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