Are Babies Born Smart Can Early Intervention Help

Parents always hope for the best future for their children. They try to get into the best schools, invest their money in numerous musical and art lessons and start reading to their infants before birth. Can any of this help your child become a successful adult? How the Brain Works Scientists now recognize that brain connections - called synapses - are the building blocks for functions such as handling incoming information, expressing emotions and learning language. Connections are built both by genetics and environmental stimuli. These paths lay down an internal 'wiring' system that will affect your child's future abilities for learning and interacting. 'Nation' magazine reports that brain connections are being wired at an extraordinarily rapid rate in the early years.

How can this possibly affect your children? Children Need Stimulation The broader range of activities and experiences a child has will increase the connections made. Clearly, the fact that the greatest growth in connections is made when young indicates that providing this stimulation early on will affect your child's abilities later on. Does this mean that parents with little money are not capable of raising intelligent, well-balanced children? Does it mean that all children with access to specialized education will do better? Children Learn From Play Educators believe that unstructured play is crucial to brain development. When parent's guide every activity or bombard their children with planned activities and lessons while leaving out free play, they do not allow the creativity necessary for social, mental and emotional skills. Parents Who Care Although many would agree that children are strongly affected by their peer group, it is actually parents who develop a child to become caring, self-assured and well-balanced.

Parent's should never discount the benefits they are providing for their children by being attentive and responsive to their children. Children's development also requires emotional connections with parents and others. When babies are not held, touched and played with they actually form fewer connections in their brain. Nature or Nurture As many experts would acknowledge, brain development can be influenced for good or bad by the upbringing of our children. However, genetics also play a role that cannot be discounted. While saying this, there are examples of individuals who appeared to be born with a genetic disadvantage to their peers and yet surpassed them due to the excellent parenting that was given to them.

So, what can you do to determine how your children will turn out? Focusing on parental care and attention is always the best recommendation, and the least expensive. You cannot guarantee how your children will fare, but they will always be more successful with a supportive and loving family than without.

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