Scientific Discovery

The following reports a Discovery made in nature, particularly human nature. Invalidating the theory of evolution of species, the researchers name Intellect, which we used to address as God, or the "supernatural", as being responsible for the living world's diversity. Just as it was discovered a long time ago that the Earth was not flat, this discovery reveals that humans were engineered or, to use widely accepted terminology, arrived by the process of intelligent design. Intellect alone was the highest cause of the order in nature which with degrees of complexity arrived at the birth of humankind. Initiation of matter to the level of highly structured systematic unity is to be addressed to the action of supreme intellect that exercised, relatively fundamental to our knowledge, power of radiation in the creation of the living world.

Simply saying, Intellect was the only quality that created matter, a living organism and human intelligence. Supporting the previous statement, the researchers name the discovered; first, electromagnetic radiation as universal medium of determination and second, electromagnetic intelligence of a man - a "microsoft" data processing unit of the human brain. The living world, with its diversity, was created by the use of electromagnetic radiation. The latest version represents an intelligent tool (similarly to software) of the highest causality for originating living matter, its forms and human intellect. For years, the human brain has been compared to a computer; the discovery reports that the computer is there, detectable by electromagnetic frequencies. Humanity appears to be artificial intelligence of that Supreme Being which contains the conditions of all possible effects and all embracing reality; which, the authors believe, honored a man with intellect of its own (in the image of God).

Electromagnetic intelligence of the human brain, so called "self", experiences life by means of frequencies only. It possesses all the attributes of a computer. To name just a few, it downloads information in frequencies, stores and creates abstract ideas on its own; its content, such as lifetime memories of an individual, can be retrieved and modified. "Self" means certain codified frequencies as thought (including devising new thoughts), smell, touch, taste or audiovisuals. The researchers reveal that electromagnetic intelligence of a man is in his capacity to receive a subliminal message in the form of touch by directly impacting the body tissue with radiation, or by receiving certain codified frequencies through "self" that recognizes the touch, at least by the location it occurred and by the type of sensation. What this means is that electromagnetic intelligence of a man, so called "self", possesses information that developed a human organism and integrated all functions of the human body.

By observing actual reality or just by means of electromagnetic frequency, an individual absorbs information in abundance of different variables and characteristics. If analyzed, each variable can be identified within the band of electromagnetic frequency, and it follows that every variable, every characteristic of the message can be manipulated - copied, rendered or modified. Picturing the electromagnetic experiences of life of a man entails that the essence of our existence comes to one end - for "self" to live through as many pleasant events as possible by means of electromagnetic frequencies.

These seem have been the reason for our living and enjoyment. Sentiments of a man as the most intelligent being that has ever existed are illusory. Recognition and appreciation should be given to supreme intelligence for granting a man intellect that equals its own.

Should any discipline find these findings purposefully useful they do bring a sufficient criterion for validating the theory of intelligent design as scientific. It should be understood that whoever acquires knowledge of the process of our Creation, receives valuable information of how to replicate the process, regenerate a living organism, cure a human, and develop continuum of his existence to youthful biological immortality. Copyright (c) 2008 Anatoliy K. and Aurika A.


Authors: Anatoliy K. and Aurika A. Grynko, References: Lenin's Collected Works US Congress Office of Technology Assessment from Critique of Pure Reason, Immanuel Kant

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