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Beatty Attacks Schwarzenegger in Radio Broadcast

By WENN | Wednesday, November 02, 2005

HOLLYWOOD - Warren Beatty has stepped up his battle with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger by recording a radio broadcast aimed at derailing his re-election campaign.

The political advertisement begins airing in San Francisco and southern California today, and features the Dick Tracy star urging citizens to vote against the celebrity politician.

Beatty's radio campaign comes just days ahead of a unique referendum on Nov. 8 which will see voters deciding whether or not to adopt some of the Republican governor's more controversial plans—which include rating teachers by their performance.

In the broadcast Beatty says, "Schwarzenegger and his big-money backers are counting on you to not get out and vote. Don't give him more power. Let's stand up for our state."

Charles Idelsono, of the California Nurses Association, which is funding the ad, says, "We don't want apathy to be the deciding factor in the election. It's not enough to just disagree with the governor, people have to get out and vote 'No'."

While reports have suggested Democrat Beatty would relish Schwarzenegger's position, Beatty denies harboring political aspirations.

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