How To Face The Rigors Of Immigrating To The US

A lot of people are immigrants, in fact, population statistics indicate that if it were not for immigrants, the population would be in decline. Failing to do this can result in you losing your job, being sued, or even being deported. This article goes over what you need to prevent these things from happening. 1.

Welcome To Your New Country You can't apply for citizenship without first getting a status of a permanent resident. To apply, you need to fill out government form number I-485. This form can be obtained from U.S.

Citizenship and Immigration Services, also known as USCIS. Once you fill out this form you will be on the way to getting your Green Card. So what exactly does a Green Card mean? 2. What Does A Green Card Mean When you have a Green Card you have special rights and privileges that are very helpful. Below are some of the most major benefits: - You have the right to live in the country and not be deported - If you leave the country, you can come back in simply by presenting your identification - You may now be employed as long as it is legal work - You may make a formal application for Citizenship, but there are no guarantees 3.

Getting Your Citizenship Full citizenship affords you many additional rights, such as the right to vote and run for office. It will also make the ownership of property much easier. You must have lived for several years in the country without exiting the borders to be considered for full citizenship. If immigrants plan to live in the US for life they should strive to get their citizenship, otherwise consider staying as a landed immigrant. If your plans change you can always apply for citizenship in the future.

4. Special Rules For Immigration If you get married to a citizen or a permanent resident, your legal status can be upgraded to that same level. This is by fat the easiest way to get your Green Card or to be come a citizen in the US, but unfortunately this option is only available for certain people. In order to do this, you must fill out a form and offer a photocopy of your marriage certificate. If you have lived continuously in the US since any time in without leaving the country, you may be awarded citizenship automatically. Special treatment is often awarded to individuals seeking asylum or refugee status.

Be ready to submit the I-485 form within days of entering the country. The sooner you submit your form the better.

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