Jazz Improvisation Is Selfexpression Through Music

Jazz is an original American form of music. Some believe it was first played in South America, but there's no question it was developed into a distinct and mature genre in the United States. It has developed into a popular and relevant part of American music. In the early history of jazz it was greatly influenced by blues music. In the late twentieth century jazz was an important and popular form of music enjoyed initially by African Americans in the southern U.S.

and honed to a fine art in cities up and down the Mississippi River. The music that came to be known as Jazz was not only popular in the Unites States. Its appeal quickly spread through Europe and it is now very popular in many parts of Asia, South America and Australia. What makes jazz unique? Among other things the unique features of Jazz include 'blue notes," improvisation and syncopation.

Jazz relies primarily on the spontaneous expression of the musicians - usually playing in small groups - and does not necessarily use a written score. The 1930s saw a rapid rise in the popularity of jazz. Although black musicians dominated the jazz scene, the 1930s saw an increase in the number of white jazz singers and players. But during this time jazz still remained true to its roots and to the African-American blues musicians who created it. Jazz is a music of the world. It combines classical, popular and traditional American music with important strains of European and African musical traditions.

Jazz is very technically sophisticated while still remaining spontaneous and improvisational. To really develop a good understanding and appreciation of jazz it is important to experience all aspects of the music, listen to the masters and join other musicians in playing. Jazz is truly a group experience. Self expression through improvisation is critical component of jazz music, and it is a skill which a musician can only acquire through exposure to other jazz musicians, interacting with others in a typical jazz "combo". It is even difficult to practise jazz without knowing how the individual parts relate to the other members of the group. For a musician learning improvisation, it is wiser to begin with simple songs.

Basic techniques can be learned through listening to other musicians, experimenting, or taking some lessons. Those techniques, once mastered, can be applied in a more advanced way to more complicated songs. Remember, too, that a jazz musician is more about self-expression than technique. Playing the notes of the song with a little alteration here and there is an important way to begin learning the basic techniques of jazz improvisation. This applies whether you are learning the jazz guitar, piano, trumpet, violin, saxophone, or any of a hundred other instruments used in jazz.

Immerse yourself in jazz music by listening to both contemporary and traditional jazz masters. There are also schools of musical instruction that specialize in teaching jazz, jazz improvisation, jazz soloing, and many other facets of the discipline. If you are serious about playing jazz music, one of these jazz schools might be the most direct way to get your career as a jazz musician going in the right direction. One of the richest, most expressive and satisfying genres of music for the musician looking for creative expression is, without a doubt, jazz. It creates a magic which cannot be expressed in words.

When people are really interested in actually listening to the music, jazz can be the most appropriate and entertaining type of music you can choose for almost any occasion. Being equally challenging and rewarding for the musician - what could be better than that!.

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