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Laguna Beach’ Star Kristin Cavalieri Goes Hollywood

She’s the bitchy blonde beauty you love to hate, the one you know would be a blast to party-hop across SoCal with even though you know there’s a good chance she might swipe your boyfriend. And now Laguna Beach’s sexy siren Kristin Cavalieri has uprooted from the O.C. to L.A., looking to make it as an actress in Hollywood—after all, that snarky girl you see on MTV is just a “character” she plays, right? Right?

Q: You're moving and shaking in the Hollywood scene now. How's that treating you?
Cavalieri: “It's kind of fun. I'm having a great time.”

Q: Are you excited about how huge the show’s become?
Cavalieri: “Oh, I am so excited. It's so unexpected. I mean, I never – I feel like I'm living a dream right now and I'm gonna wake up and go ‘What the hell just happened?’ But yeah, I'm so happy with everything.”

Q: Are you getting offers flooding in for other projects now?
Cavalieri: “Yeah, I'm actually this close to signing something, but I don't want to tell you what, because I don't want to jinx it. It’s for TV.”

Q: Is that the plan, now--you want to be an actress?
Cavalieri: “I want to be, yeah, I want to be in movies eventually, that's my goal. I'm taking acting classes right now. I've gone on like two auditions, so, I'm getting out there slowly.”

Q: What's the trickiest part of playing somebody else, when you're already so used to playing yourself on TV?--Or at least a variation of yourself?
“Yeah! [laughs] Because it's kind of myself, yeah. So what's different about it? I guess before, I was playing me as a character, and so now it's just getting out of my head and going into like a whole different person. But I think it's fun, I have a great time acting.”

Q: What do people say to you on the street when they recognize you?
Cavalieri: “The number one thing I get is ‘Oh, you're not so much of a bitch after all!’ [laughs] I'm like ‘Thanks!’ [laughs]

Q: Do you feel you'll eventually have to overcome that preconceived image?
Cavalieri: “Yeah. Right now it's definitely all in my favor, but yeah, eventually. I've gotten a ton of fans from being a bitch, but I also want to get the fans who don’t think I am a bitch, because I'm really, that's, like, five percent of my personality. So yeah, I definitely want to overcome that.”

Q: A lot of viewers are falling for you. Who is the celebrity that you had a crush on?
Cavalieri: “Oh God--Leonardo DiCaprio, for sure. Back like Titanic. Yeah, back when I was…who knows how old I was? I just think every little girl fell in love with him, everyone had the posters on the wall. Something about him.”

Q: Which star’s style would you most like to emulate?
Cavalieri: “Fashion sense? Jessica Simpson. She always looks cute, even if it's the whole grungy, baggy look like she doesn't care, but it still looks good, so definitely her.”

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