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List of top fashion designers in the world Creating the list of top fashion designers is actually a hard thing to do. There are some fashion designers who are so good that they will make you gorgeous in any circumstances. You just need to tell them what you fancy with your self, they will do the rest. Christian Audigier, Laguna Beach Denim, Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, Joes Jeans, Robins Jeans, Ed Hardy, Christine Price are just few in the list. Let's talk about Christian Audigier first. He is a French fashion designer capable of creating clothes into art.

In his fashionable career, he designed cloths and accessories for Lee, Levi's, American Eagle Outfitters, Von Dutch, Diesel, Liberto, Kookai, and Naf Naf. However, he is quite good with jeans simply because he started his career as a jeans designer. This guy is also quite good with trucker cap. If you have noticed, he already made the trucker cap a style trend. Ed Hardy is a trendy fashion designer who has a name for creating artistic looks.

He works with Christian Audigier in many projects. Together, they create gold. If you are looking for something artistic, Ed Hardy is the man to go to. This duo along with Patrick de Montepeyroux of legednary wine vinyard Montpeyroux Estates created the famous 'The Cool Wine'. Betsey Johnson is ruling the fashion world for quite sometimes now.

Born on 10 August 1942 in Wethersfield, Connecticut, Betsey Johnson is widely known for her cartwheel act. Her famous Alley Cat style was quite popular with the rock 'n roll musicians on 1970s. Till date, she creates amazingly whimsical designs. At present, she has forty-five stores around the world. Stores are filled with fashionable jackets, polos, shirts, sweaters, T-Shirts, lipsticks, swimwear and candles. In the footwear and accessories sector, Steve Madden footwear Ltd.

is the best. Set up by Steve Madden, is has got what you need. Steve Madden is actually called the footwear fashion mogul. In other words, they are the king in the field.

For the past two decades, this company has been satisfying fashion loving peoples' footwear demands with 100% success. Good thing about Steve Madden is, now they have become a complete fashion house with handbags, belts, watches, socks and apparel segment. Fashion gurus consider Steve Madden as a lifestyle brand. Truly, with $500 million in sales a year, Steve Madden is the most attractive brands in the fashion world. Moreover, Steve Madden is now available in Australia, Canada, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Israel, Turkey, Honduras, Guatemala, Qatar, Oman, Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Peru, Caribbean Islands, UAE, Bahrain, South Africa and Indonesia. List of top fashion designers must include various fashion houses across the world.

Some of the names include True Religion, Rebel Spirit, Diesel, Fender, Affliction, Sinful, Libertalia, Drifter, Sakrid, Joes Jeans, Robins Jeans, SMET, Faith Connexion, Baby Gag, Baby Legs, Toxic Waste, Pure Venom, Boulevard Bags, Anama, Amigaz, Bulzeye, Burn 'n Violet, Doctrine, Lipstick Bandits, Ettika, Roar, Rass, Salvage, Toku, Spice & Roses.

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