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Keep A Fresh Battery For Your Stun Gun - If anybody has ever watched the TV show Star Trek and has wondered what would happen if their phaser pistols failed to fire? Or in a sense, "run out of ammo.

Top Strategic Dating Tips - What can you do to improve the dating game for you? Here are the top 4 tips you need to know.

Latin American ChaChaCha - Music has played a central role in Latin America's turbulent recent history like for example the nueva cancion movement.

Is Your Child Struggling in School Get Him Or Her Music Lessons - Playing music has been discovered to have a direct and almost immediate effect on the brain of the student.

Piano lesson Learn To Play Mary Had A Little Lamb Without Reading Sheet Music - In this piano lesson you will learn to play Mary Had A Little Lamb without the use of sheet music.

Minor Chords How To Form Them Use Them - Minor chords create a sound which is somber or serious; some people even think of minor chords as "sad", as opposed to major chords which sound "normal", or "happy".

Blues History And Development Drummers Guide Part One - In the post civil war united states, a mixture of field hollers, spirituals, and dance music gave birth to the Blues.

Jazz Improvisation Is Selfexpression Through Music - Jazz is an original American form of music.

Online CD and DVD covers - You want to find CD covers for music albums or movies, to replace the covers you have at home with new shiny looking ones.

Second Line Music Style History And Development Drummers Guide - The end of slavery was a catalyst for New Orleans type music, especially what is known as New Orleans "Second Lyne", which is still the defining characteristic of Second Line drumming.

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